Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Burlap is the New Black

I've noticed in blogland and in some of my home decor magazines that burlap is the "in" thing right now. I don't have any in my home yet, but I would love this personalized table runner. It would look perfect on my favorite cabinet in my living room.

Picture from The Lettered Cottage.
Table runner from Coastline.

Do you have any burlap yet?


The Acosta Family said...

Remember when we were in middle school and it was cool to wear flour sack jumpers or rompers? That's what it makes me think of. ITCHY!

Michelle K said...

I have also noticed the burlap trend. I do have a burlap bag...perhaps I could hang it on a doorknob in my living room and then I would be in style. : )

I do love that table runner, though!

Michelle K said...

oh, and I want to see more of your goodwill finds!

Tammy said...

Did you ever get the color of the room that you asked about in the room in Cote De Texas redo? I want to paint my fireplace and bookcases something similiar.

Kasey said...

Tammy, no I didn't. She gave me the name of the company (based in Houston) that painted the room, but didn't know the wall color.

Liz said...

My favorite decor store has burlap curtains... which I love but am way too scared to put in my own home. :)