Friday, June 12, 2009

Lunchtime with Reese

Now that I'm a stay at home mom, I often get asked what I do all day. (As if Reese just takes care of himself!) Sometimes I feel as if I spend half of my day watching Reese eat. Every meal goes just about the same.

My lunch date starts out happy and eager to see what's for lunch.

He dives in eagerly and tries everything to see if he likes it.

Once he starts to get full, Reese slows down a bit.
I try to get him to eat more, but he covers his face.

Then he gets mad and throws the food off his tray.

Next he tries to break free.

Still trying his best to break free from the highchair.

Then he realizes he's not going anywhere and decides
to entertain himself. If his gums are hurting,
he chews on his bib or tray.

I'm glad my lunch date is so cute. It makes up
for his questionable table manners.


Tim and Jamie said...

Hee hee...funny.

Michelle K said...

"What do you do all day?"

Does that feel similar to when people say that teachers jobs are so easy because they are "done" at 3 everyday and have the summers off???

Some people, I tell ya...

The Acosta Family said...

You forgot cleanup! Chloe is always right there to lick the floor clean for me but then I have a sticky basset slobbery floor. After watching Chloe eat the remains of luch Caleb then decides that he must have missed something good and decides he wants to eat again. It never ends!

Sara said...

When can I have a lunch date with my cute little nephew?!?!