Sunday, January 25, 2009


When my wonderful husband got home from church today, he surprised me with two Sprinkles cupcakes! They are way overpriced, but soooo delicious. If you've never eaten one, head to the closest Sprinkles pronto.

Milk chocolate and carrot cake cupcakes

I had to stay home from church again this week, because Reese has a runny nose. I don't think he's sick, because it's clear, and he always gets a runny nose when he's cutting new teeth. The doctor also said he looked fine on Tuesday, but I didn't want the nursery workers to buzz me to come pick him up when his nose started running.

Yesterday I spent a few glorious hours outside of the house ALL BY MYSELF! I should be the one bringing cupcakes to George, since he stayed home with Reese for almost 3 hours. I got my hair cut, treated myself to a Starbucks hot chocolate and went to my new favorite store... wait for it... Goodwill.

More about Goodwill soon.


Amy said...

I LOVE Sprinkles cupcakes! yum yum. I have only actually been to the Sprinkles place once, but every now and then Cody brings me one home from work!

The Acosta Family said...

Major brownie (er, cupcake?) points for George! Is your hair the same or did you get a different cut?

Kasey said...

I got the same haircut basically. I wasn't adventurous enough to try anything new this time.

Michelle K said...

I have never had Sprinkles before...I guess I need to try it. Also, I am looking forward to hearing about Goodwill!

Sara said...

I want to go to Sprinkles!! The milk chocolate cupcake looks so yummy!!