Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Recap

I'm a little late getting these pics posted, and I'm also late getting our Christmas letter mailed out. Well, I haven't actually even written the letter yet to be honest. Look for it in your mailbox sometime in 2009.

After attending a beautiful Christmas Eve service at New Saint Peter's Presbyterian Church, we had dinner with my family arrived at my mom's 30 minutes later than we expected and everyone had completely finished eating by the time we got there. So, we had to eat by ourselves. Someone had to eat all the food that George had spent hours preparing.

Here are a few pics from the night.

Reese's first Christmas gift

Me and sweet Bella - They (Bella and Pearl, the other
chihuahua) were dressed in their new Christmas collars.

Cousin Mackenzie and Cousin Riley, opening Riley's
Hello Kitty sweats

This year my family decided to make gifts for each other for Christmas. George made Chex mix and I made these decorative letters for my nieces and their parents.

For Mackenzie, Madison, and Morgan

I had quite a few to make!

On Christmas Eve, we started a tradition with Reese that comes from my childhood. We gave him a new pair of pajamas to open, which he slept in Christmas night. Then on Christmas morning, George read a little about Jesus' birth before opening gifts. George and I don't buy gifts for each other, so Reese had the only gift to open. We plan to always keep the gift-giving to a minimum in order to keep Christ the focus of Christmas.

Ready to open his gift!

We spent Christmas day with George's family in Denton and had a delicious, quiet meal. We opened presents after lunch, visited for a while, and then headed back home. We ended Christmas day with a nice visit with my dad.

A new book from Grandma and Grandpa

Now on to that Christmas letter...


Hough said...

How is george liking that ESV Study Bible?

Kasey said...

He loves it!

Michelle K said...

I love the will have to share your secret with me. I want to do something like that for my guest bathroom.