Friday, April 17, 2009

I <3 Goodwill

I have a new obsession. Just a few months ago I discovered the wonders of thrift stores. I kept seeing lots of pictures in blogland of wonderful things people were finding at thrift stores. Some of the items they repainted or repurposed, and other items were just fine left as is.

I decided to venture out to Goodwill and found myself wondering why I hadn't shopped there before. It was like a gigantic air conditioned garage sale. I was just plain giddy as I shopped up and down the aisles of candlesticks, pretty glass containers, and lamps galore.

Here's what I found on my first trip:

A silver candlestick, Smith & Hawken flowerpot,
a birdcage (to be painted black), and an ironstone pitcher.

Most items I've purchased at Goodwill are no more than $2 or $3, and when an item is not priced, they only charge me $.99!

My local Goodwill gets donations from Target, which means brand new items are sent to be resold there. I've seen new lampshades, clothes, curtains, furniture, bedding, etc. I just scored a brand new bamboo Roman shade for $7.99, which I had just been looking at online the day before for $25.99!

I'll show you what I've done with some of my other thrift store finds soon.

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