Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Cool Day in the Gardens

Yesterday Reese and I met my friend, Janna, and her daughter, Kaylee, at the Arboretum. It ended up being a cloudy, cool day, but we had fun anyway. Kaylee is about the same age as Reese (she's only 1 month younger, and was actually due the same day as Reese), so they had fun playing with each other.

We arrived just in time for the Kindermusik concert. Reese and Kaylee chased each other in the grass.

From Blogger Pictures

Then we walked around the gardens and took a few pics.

I had Reese's silhouette done while we were there!

George doesn't think it looks a lot like Reese, but he does think it looks like a silhouette of himself that's hanging in his parents' house. We're going to have to look at it a little more closely the next time we're there.

I'm surprised at how different the gardens look at the Arboretum each time I go. I just went less than 2 weeks ago, but some of the flowers have been changed out already. This week the "water wise" flowerbed caught my eye. I love cactus plants and want our flowerbeds to look like this:

On a separate note, I am beginning to HATE Blogger. This post took me FOREVER today and it would not load any of my pictures for a while. Anyone else have trouble with Blogger?


Sara said...

Sounds like you had fun!! Kaylee is a cutie!! I liked the pics of Kaylee and Reese chasing each other!!

The Acosta Family said...

It keeps on crashing when I try to save something. Very annoying.

Cute pictures! He's chasing girls Mom - watch out!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

What cute pics, that sillouette (okay I am totally spelling that wrong) is so pretty!