Thursday, July 16, 2009


Something very exciting is happening to the Deines home today! This morning 2 carpenters will come to remove the eyesore that is our living room wetbar. I don't know what people were thinking in the '80s. I can understand the need for a wetbar if your home is 4,000 square feet and you have to walk a mile to the kitchen. But our kitchen sink is literally 10 steps from the wetbar, so there's really no need for a sink in the living room.


The carpenters will also remove all of the outside wood siding that Rudy ate when he was a puppy, and will replace it with durable Hardie board. Hopefully he won't be able to eat it, but we've learned to never say never with that dog.

Getting rid of the ugly wetbar is the first of some other big changes to our house. You know the saying that you can't change anything in your home without it leading to several other changes? It's true. We've wanted to get laminate flooring for a long time, but our living room already has wood paneling. In order to avoid complete wood overload, we need to get the paneling painted
before we get the laminate installed. And before we can get the paneling painted, we have to get the wetbar sink removed, so it can be painted to match the paneling.

That's why it's taken us 7 years to get all of this work done. That coupled with my fear of making an irreversible change to the house that I might end up hating. Plus, all of these changes are pretty costly.

The wetbar and outside job will take 2 days, so I'll post after pics when it's all done. Can't wait to see it!


Sara said...

Poor Dottie and Jenny!! They won't be able to sit in the sink anymore!! Can't wait to see it!!

The Acosta Family said...

Super exciting! Keep us updated!