Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thrift Store Remix - Mirror

My sister, Jessi, has been working on redoing her bedroom.

Nope, that's not Katy Perry. I promise.

The walls of her bedroom were painted in colors similar to the ones on her shirt. Each wall a different color and even the ceiling was painted. It was LOUD, just like her. : )

Now she's thinking about redecorating with black and white, and Jessi spotted this pretty frame when we went to Ikea. I convinced her we could find a similar one at a thrift store for much cheaper.

A few weeks later we ran across this mirror:

It's much smaller than the Ikea frame - this one is only about 8 inches tall. I think it was only $3.99. It turned out really nice with a coat of black spray paint:

Spray paint makes everything look better. Now I've decided I need to find one like this for myself!

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