Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's a Date

Last week our friend, Matt Blackmon, was in town teaching a class at DTS. We had dinner with him while he was here, and I guess he sensed that we needed to go on a date, because he offered to keep Reese for us one night. We took him up on his gracious offer, after we realized it had been 8 months since we'd been out alone.

This is a picture of us with the Blackmons in the summer of '07 when we visited them at their home in Pennsylvania. Valerie was about 2 months pregnant (I think) with their son, Calvin. I was 1 month shy of being pregnant with Reese.

Valerie, Matt, Aliza, George, me

Matt teaches a class at DTS each summer, so we saw him exactly one year ago. It was especially fun to see Matt this year, because he's lost about 80 pounds! Here's what he looked like this year:

Jenny LOVED Matt!

Matt is working on a book about his weight loss, so if you want to know his secret, you can read about it sometime around January.

George and I decided to eat dinner at Posado's for our date. He especially loves Posado's, because of the free frozen yogurt. George has the special "talent" of making really tall ice cream cones. I made him stop at this point:

The little girl coming out of the door said, "Whoa!
Look at that ice cream cone!"

And here we are enjoying a quiet drive after dinner. No screaming coming from the back seat!

After dinner, we drove to a neighborhood in McKinney called Adriatica. It's a beautiful replica of a Croatian village. I would love to live in one of the unique houses there. It's still under construction, but I took a few pictures.

I love this door!


An occupied home with a lot for sale to the right.

Look at that huge front door!

There was also a quaint chapel in the neighborhood that I didn't get on camera. It overlooked a pond, around which Adriatica is built. I plan to go back in a month or so to check on the progress of the neighborhood.

It was wonderful to have a date night with my hard-working husband. Thanks, Matt! I hope we don't wait another 8 months to go out again.


Sara said...

What a precious picture of Matt and Jenny!! I like how she has her paw on him in the second picture!!

Michelle K said...

I can't believe that ice cream cone! Also, let me know anytime you need a date night and I would be happy to watch Reese, as long as you think he would be okay with it! :)