Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free Dr Pepper!!!

George and I are health nuts, but we are also a Dr Pepper family. We think that although not terribly healthy, life is too short to not enjoy a cold Dr Pepper every once in a while. We've toured the Dr Pepper museum and even use Dr Pepper barbecue sauce on our fake barbecue. : )

Today only, Dr Pepper is allowing every American to print a coupon for a FREE Dr Pepper. The company made a promise that if Guns N' Roses released the album they've been working on since the mid 90s by the end of 2008, they would give away free Dr Peppers. Somehow GN'R managed to finally get it finished and it was released today. It even came out on vinyl.

Now the last time I saw Axl Rose perform, he didn't sound so hot. But if producers can make Ozzy intelligible when he sings, they can definitely help Axl. How could they possibly top Welcome to the Jungle or Sweet Child of Mine though?

Anyway, be sure to get your free Dr Pepper!

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