Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Saturday in Pictures

1. Baby woke up happy.

2. Fresh squeezed orange juice.

3. Guilty dog ate 2 of Reese's socks.

4. New food - bananas.

5. New hair.

6. LA Gourmet - The best pizza in all of Dallas!

7. A quick trip to Whole Foods to purchase our Tofurky.

8. Nap.

9. New clothes.

10. Yummy dinner.


Cody said...

I thought dogs only chewed on socks...

Kasey said...

No, Rudy EATS socks. And gloves, magazines, plastic bowls, glass Christmas ornaments...

The Acosta Family said...

Ooo! Like the hair!

Sara said...

Poor,poor, guilty Rudy!! Your hair looks great!!
How in the world did you get Reese to stand up?
Looks like he likes bananas

Michelle K said...

That dinner looks yummy. And I saw the Tofurkey at Sprouts was the first time I had ever seen one!