Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who Needs Sleep?

Who needs sleep? Well you're never gonna get it. Who needs sleep? Tell me what's that for. Who needs sleep? Well you're never gonna get it. Be happy with what you're getting, there's a guy whose been awake since the second world war.

I've been singing this Barenaked Ladies song the past few days. There's not a lot of sleep happening in this house, except for the animals. Reese is teething. Again. And this time it's really bad. He screams when he nurses and claws at his face and ears. He'll be sound asleep, and the second I put him down in his bed, he kicks his legs and starts to cry.

Friday night, Reese slept for 25 minutes total in his bed. I held him until 5:00 or so and George was then able to get him to sleep on our bed for a few hours. Since we only have a full size bed, that meant George had to sleep on the couch.

Last night, he didn't go to sleep until midnight. He was up crying at 12:30. He slept on me until 2 something, we gave him more Tylenol, and George got him to sleep on our bed at 3:30. This time George decided to sleep on the floor. Rudy snored through all of this. Reese slept until 7ish, ate, smiled and talked to us a little, and slept on George until 10:30. At that point I took Reese out of the bedroom so George could sleep. He slept until noon.

I don't know how people manage with more than one child. I am in awe of Michelle Duggar, who is pregnant with her 18th child. She's been through the nursing issues, sleepless nights, and teething 17 times already. Wow. And I know I'm no Kate Gosselin. Those mothers are truly amazing.

Each day I pray God will give me enough patience and strength to make it through the day, and still manage to glorify Him in the process.
Today I hope He'll give us all a little more sleep too.

I should note that we did not skip church this morning! Due to plumbing issues at our church, we've been having night services at another location.


Hough said...

On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep by Gary Ezzo.

Kasey said...

I've talked with my lactation consultant as well as La Leche League leaders about Baby Wise. They all agree that it is not compatible with breastfeeding. I've spent 6 months of blood, sweat, and tears to get our breastfeeding relationship functioning properly, and I'm not about to put it in jeopardy. I'm sure as soon as this teething episode passes, he'll be sleeping normally again.

Dave and Gloria said...

Press on, Kasey! Reese doesn't have the wherewithall to thank you now, but someday he will appreciate everything you are doing for him. Teething will be over before you know it, and then he'll be on to another tooth (of course). But in between he will be one happy guy.